Services & Prices

Below is a summary of our Services and Prices.

We have tried to detail our main dog walking, home boarding & pet sitting services but please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will be happy to assist and provide tailored quotations. All of our services can include general household chores, such as turning on/off lights, opening/closing curtains or putting out/bringing in your bins.

Dog Walking

Dog Walking Service

We offer either one-to-one dog walking or group walking, whichever best suits your dog. We know that some dogs like to socialise in a group, whilst others prefer one-to-one attention, therefore whatever your dog prefers we will provide.

We adhere to the NarpsUK Code of Practice and will only ever walk a maximum of four dogs at a time, so as to ensure that each dog gets all the attention he requires.

We vary the location of the walks on which we take your dog so that it remains fun, interesting and stimulating for them. When we return your dogs home, we shall make sure they are towel dried and have their muddy paws cleaned.

The only thing we require from you is that your dog is fully up-to-date with their vaccinations.

Prices from £7 per full 30 minute walk or £10 per full 60 minute walk (discounts are available for more than one dog from the same household or for multiple walks booked per day/week).

Cat Visits

Cat Sitting

We offer a cat sitting service for your feline friends in your home, meaning they remain relaxed and content in their own environment. We will maintain your cat’s daily routine, whatever that may be and in accordance with your wishes. We appreciate that some cats like cuddles and playtime, whilst others prefer their own space, hence we will adapt our service to meet their specific needs.

Our visits will include feeding and watering, cleaning bowls, changing and cleaning of litter trays and playtime if required.

Prices from £8 per full 30 minute visit or £10 per full 60 minute visit (discounts are available for multiple visits booked per day/week).

Puppy Visits

Puppy Visits

We offer general visits to your home, for example, to assist with new puppies or kittens you are trying to toilet train, to provide company and toilet breaks for older animals who are not now as mobile as they once were or as one-off visits to break up a long day when you are away for an unusually long period of time, perhaps at work, on a course, attending a hospital appointment or having a well deserved night away.

Prices from £8 per full 30 minute visit or £10 per full 60 minute visit (discounts are available for multiple visits booked per day/week).

Small Animal Visits

Small Animal Visits

We offer a care service for your small animals, be they birds, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles or any other creature of the non-feline or canine variety. We will clean out and feed your pets and spend time with them in your absence, ensuring their usual routine is maintained throughout. We can collect and store eggs from your chickens if required.

Should you prefer us to take your small pet to our own home, please ask what facilities we have on offer. This can enable us to spend even more quality time with your pet and may work out to be a cheaper option for you over longer periods of time if you would require multiple visits in one day.

Prices from £8 per visit (discounts are available for multiple visits booked per day/week).

Home Boarding

Home Boarding

We are fully licensed and able to offer home boarding as an alternative to kennels. We have two very friendly and sociable dogs of our own who are happy to share their home with others. We will arrange a time for all of the dogs to meet prior to the arrival date to ensure they all get along, which would usually be at our home, giving you the opportunity to see where your dog will be staying.

We will maintain their daily routine, including feeding, walking and sleeping, so that it really is a home-from-home experience, ensuring they are happy and relaxed when they return to you.

We are extremely flexible and can offer overnight, weekend or holiday boarding.

We will need to see evidence of your dog’s vaccinations being up-to-date and do ask they are also treated against worms and fleas regularly. We also ask that you provide the food for your dog, so as to maintain their dietary routine.

Prices from £18 per night (discounts are available for more than one dog from the same household)

Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi

We offer a taxi service in our fully equipped and secure van to assist with getting your pets to any necessary appointments, such as grooming parlours, the vets, kennels/catteries or any other appointments they may have.

Price £10 per one way trip plus 40p per mile outside of a 6 mile radius of IP8 (where appointments require us to remain with your pet, additional charges will apply).